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[YT] No Man’s Sky Dev has Advice for Fallout 76 and Anthem

For the first time, I kinda disagree with Lamon Gamon 😦 All three games (NMS, F76, Anthem) represent a general failure of the video gaming industry. However, out of the three evils, Hello Games and NMS do represent something... more unfortunate and less malicious, in my opinion. Considering that F76 and Anthem are the products… Continue reading [YT] No Man’s Sky Dev has Advice for Fallout 76 and Anthem

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[fanfic rec] Whipstitch

Title: Whipstitch Author: KaasKnot Status: COMPLETE [27 Chapters] Rating: M Pairing: Loki/Sigyn Summary: It dawned fair and clear, the day they sewed Loki’s lips shut. My Thoughts [****** 6/7 Stars]* Character (½ star)* Plot * Formatting (NOT CORRECTLY TAGGED!)* Grammar * Descriptive * Complete This fic, I think, is the unsung story of the Loki… Continue reading [fanfic rec] Whipstitch

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[link][Youtube] Far Left OUTRAGED Over Mary Poppins? (Tim Pool)

This is what happens when you remove rational discourse from the Academic world. As a literature student surrounded by students who attempt pose as "literature experts" while not actually studying literature but sitting around criticizing society, I am annoyed by how culturally focused our studies are, particularly since these people tend to comment on things… Continue reading [link][Youtube] Far Left OUTRAGED Over Mary Poppins? (Tim Pool)