[art] Kakashi (Kishimoto)

Coloured by me on Photoshop Premiere a long time ago.

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[YT] Top 10 Naruto Hand to Hand Combat (ViniiTube) ViniiTube's List (#1-#10) Kakashi vs ObitoNaruto vs Sasuke (Final Battle)Naruto & Sasuke vs MomoshikiLee vs KimimaruThe Shinobi Alliance vs MadaraLee vs ShiraSakura vs ShinNaruto vs Sasuke (First Battle)Sasuke vs OrochimaruKakashi vs Kakuzu I wanna add that I really loved the Pain vs Naruto, Gaara vs Lee, and Jiraiya vs Pain fights as well. I… Continue reading [YT] Top 10 Naruto Hand to Hand Combat (ViniiTube)


[art][ink and marker] Mandala-ish #2

Before every art therapy lecture, our art therapy professor/instructor gave us 15 minutes to "de-stress" and relax by drawing mandalas, pictures, or art. We were told that these pieces of art would, later in the semester, be interpreted/critiqued by us in terms of art therapy - what they could possibly mean and what part this… Continue reading [art][ink and marker] Mandala-ish #2