interesting stuff -"Stone-age Europeans 'were the first to set foot on North America'" (Day)

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[response] Lord of the Rings and Racism

I want to write about this in more detail at a later date - but I have to say that the recent Wired interview with Andy Duncan once again highlights how the Academic Academic regressive left have no idea how to (and therefore have no right to) talk about mythology. Just Google search this terrible… Continue reading [response] Lord of the Rings and Racism

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Batman Ninja Is Awesome

The moment when you recognize Grodd's seiyuu in Batman Ninja as your favourite seiyuu of all time - Koyasu Takehito.Other voices sound familiar, so you check out the Wiki and discover....THE LINEUP IS FANTASTIC FOR THE FILM!!!!!!!Batman - Koichi Yamadera (Cowboy Bebop, NGE, Hunter x Hunter)Joker - Takaru Watagi (Naruto Shippuuden's Obito, Excel Saga, Hunter… Continue reading Batman Ninja Is Awesome

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[repost] “He Asked Permission to Touch, but Not to Ghost” (Sender) The sad, true story of a young woman who has not grown up to understand the boundaries of free sex through websites like Tinder. I found this article to be both sad and horrific... Dear Ms. Sender: Unfortunately, sexual consent doesn't have anything to do with care because "free" sex has nothing to do… Continue reading [repost] “He Asked Permission to Touch, but Not to Ghost” (Sender)