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[posting][opinion] Ceding INTJ Control: Part One

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. -Proverbs 3: 5-6 When it comes to being a Type 5w6 INTJ, I'm a pretty happy camper. However, there are some times when I frustrate myself or catch… Continue reading [posting][opinion] Ceding INTJ Control: Part One

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[posting][short piece] Nanny and Timmies

And lo, Nanny came unto the land of McMaster University, and she followed the congregation of the people - the students, and the teachers, and the staff - into the Student Center. And Nanny said unto herself, "Thou shalt not go to Timmies before the appointed time, that time which is when your friend Michelle… Continue reading [posting][short piece] Nanny and Timmies

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[speculation] What is gonna happen to Loki in Infinity War?

When it comes to Infinity War, this Loki fangirl just feels a well of concern forming in her gut. Loki's journey within the Marvel franchise has been mercurial and rocky, which is part of his allure as a character. Placing him firmly somewhere in chaotic neutral, Loki, in Thor: Ragnarok, appears to have landed on… Continue reading [speculation] What is gonna happen to Loki in Infinity War?

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[speculation] Why do I think Loki is not REALLY Thanos’s ally?

As a Loki fan, as a Loki fanficcer, and as someone who has been watching the progression of the Thor franchise with some unease, the more recent clips of Loki have prompted me to think quite a bit as to where Marvel is taking Loki. In regards to Infinity War, much questioning abounds. Other than… Continue reading [speculation] Why do I think Loki is not REALLY Thanos’s ally?

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[posting][poetry] Sonnet I

These chains of thought which bind my heart to thine (Yes, I am captive of your Siren's heart) Hold bitter dreams of love ne'er to be mine And broken hopes of two lives kept apart. This slavery of soul, unbeknownst to you, Restricts my path and turns my eyes away From all that lies before… Continue reading [posting][poetry] Sonnet I

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[opinion] 評論家の役目 [The Role of the Critic]

評論家の役目 社会で評論家の役目はなんですか?映画と上げる、映画評論家は何が話しますか?評論家の聴衆の興味は大事ですか?今では映画の評論するのは“いいだ”と“わるいと”が言うほど簡単ではない。哲学的や思想的の含有量も評論します。映画評の中にはその新しい傾向が本当にいいんですか? マスコミに抑えれば、映画評も簡単に影響を与えるかもしれません。そして、私たちは評論家を評判しなければならなくて、評論家のひいき目が気を付けます。ひいき目。芸と技法は評論家の領域ですが、映画評はその領域に出るたびに、読者たちは映画評の意見を健やかな一服の懐疑主義で考えるのほうがいいです。ポストモダンの世界で人間はたくさん自由意志あるだから、自分の道徳的の判断は大切です。自由主導権に、覇権を問うのは私たちの義務だと訊くそうだが、事実は彼たちまではいわる自由主義者を擁護したくないかもしれません。政治が芸術に影響を与えることを許可していますか?さらに重要なことには、政治は現実に影響を与えるのは許しますか? The Role of the Critic What is the role of film critic in society? When a film comes out, what can a film critic talk about? Are the interests of the critic’s audience important? Nowadays, critiquing a film isn’t as easy as saying “it’s good” or “it’s bad”. Philosophical and ideological content is… Continue reading [opinion] 評論家の役目 [The Role of the Critic]