[review] Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Ghost in the Shell (2017) surprised me. It isn't perfect, but it ended up being way better than I thought it would be. A lot of "hard-core" GitS fans were disappointed apparently, but, considering the quality of other film adaptations of anime, they were being unduly harsh. The Plot One of the major complaints about... Continue Reading →

“All that hooey! The trance and the white cocks and the brazier and the pentagrams and the voodoo and the reversed crucifix – all that was for the crudely superstitious. And the famous “box” was a bit of hooey for the contemporary-minded. We don’t believe in spirits and witches and spells nowadays, but we’re a gullible lot when it comes to “rays” and “waves” and psychological phenomena. That box, I bet, is nothing but a nice little assembly of electrical show-off, coloured bulbs and humming valves. Because we live in daily fear of radio fall out and strontium 90 and all the rest of it, we’re amenable to suggestion along the line of scientific talk. The whole set-up at the Pale Horse was bogus!”

-Christie, The Pale Horse, 210-211.

“It’s getting uncommonly easy to kill people in large numbers, and the first thing a principle does – if it really is a principle – is to kill somebody.”

-Lord Peter Wimsey and the Warden in Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L. Sayers. Lord Peter: “…But now that you have the age of national self-realization, the age of colonial expansion, the age of the barbarian invasions and the age of decline and fall, all jammed cheek by jowl in time and space, all armed alike... Continue Reading →

[review] Bright: A Populist Negotiation

The Force didn't seem to be with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Walking out of the theater on the opening weekend (December 13), I noticed that quite a few people were unhappy with what had happened to their favourite film. As the days unfolded, more and more criticism gained traction online. Even the more positive... Continue Reading →

[book review] Goodnight, Mister Tom

Goodnight, Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian is a less well-known children's classic, which had enthralled me as a teen. Perhaps enthrall isn't quite the word. It gripped me. Emotions aren't something I comprehend on a regular basis, but Goodnight, Mister Tom has the power to stir even this Spockian reader. Now, as a grown and... Continue Reading →

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