[posting][poetry] Spectrum

white is the numbness of the mind pain that drowns my sinking soul breaks Vision with boredom of time memories will take their toll yellow is hallucination codes which build reality illusion makes a coffined life memories which none can see red is the colour of regret blood which spills upon these hands slicing up... Continue Reading →

[posting][short piece] Nanny and Timmies

And lo, Nanny came unto the land of McMaster University, and she followed the congregation of the people - the students, and the teachers, and the staff - into the Student Center. And Nanny said unto herself, "Thou shalt not go to Timmies before the appointed time, that time which is when your friend Michelle... Continue Reading →

[posting][original fic] The Night Runners

Night Runners: Year One Summary: Four First Year students of the Assassin Guild's Academy have been nominated and accepted into a special extra-curricular Master-In-Training and Apprentice Program. The Program may never be the same. Chapter update of an original fiction written by me!  

[posting] Nan and Joy: A True Story

‘Nan?’ ‘Hmmmm.’ ‘Do you like to be alive or to be dead?’ ‘Well, when I’m alive, I can do things with you. When I’m dead, I’ll be happy with Jesus.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘When you go to heaven you get a new body.’ ‘I don’t want a new body! I like mine.’ ‘Oh, but you will be... Continue Reading →

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