[posting][short piece] Nanny and Timmies

And lo, Nanny came unto the land of McMaster University, and she followed the congregation of the people - the students, and the teachers, and the staff - into the Student Center. And Nanny said unto herself, "Thou shalt not go to Timmies before the appointed time, that time which is when your friend Michelle... Continue Reading →

[posting][original fic] The Night Runners

Night Runners: Year One Summary: Four First Year students of the Assassin Guild's Academy have been nominated and accepted into a special extra-curricular Master-In-Training and Apprentice Program. The Program may never be the same. Chapter update of an original fiction written by me!  

[posting] Nan and Joy: A True Story

‘Nan?’ ‘Hmmmm.’ ‘Do you like to be alive or to be dead?’ ‘Well, when I’m alive, I can do things with you. When I’m dead, I’ll be happy with Jesus.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘When you go to heaven you get a new body.’ ‘I don’t want a new body! I like mine.’ ‘Oh, but you will be... Continue Reading →

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