[review] Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Ghost in the Shell (2017) surprised me. It isn't perfect, but it ended up being way better than I thought it would be. A lot of "hard-core" GitS fans were disappointed apparently, but, considering the quality of other film adaptations of anime, they were being unduly harsh. The Plot One of the major complaints about... Continue Reading →

[posting][poetry] 华山 – Hua Shan (Mount Hua)

华山 步步登山。 由灰及蓝。 触尽天空。 夜尽日开。 生走向死。 我的人生 在两天理, 历久弥坚。 by 田思月 Hua Mountain by Tian SiYue (my Chinese pen name) Step by step, scale the mount, the grey path to the Blue. Touch the sky. The stars turn to sunrise. Birth passes into death - my life in two days grows more resolute with time.... Continue Reading →

War & the Female Draft: Ugly Logic

... battles are ugly when women fight... [The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, 10.48] C.S. Lewis's quote has become once again relevant as drafting women has become something for serious consideration among the American Chiefs of State. Although I am not a hundred percent certain where I stand on the matter, I have become... Continue Reading →


Some interesting thoughts on "mooreeffoc" - a term touched on my Dickens, embraced by Chesterton and elaborated upon by Tolkien. I had come into contact with "mooreeffoc" from my readings of Chesterton, but it's great to see other people considering such a wonderful idea. Sierra Highland Inky Fool But the greatest, the most exalted, the... Continue Reading →


When it comes to writing, sometimes you look about you and think - what am I going to write about today? It's a good question because time isn't something of which we have an abundance and there are days when I feel the clock ticking. During these seasons of pressure and stress, I end up... Continue Reading →

Old Fanfic Corpses

What is worse than an old fanfic you had let go and, as a result, haven't updated in a while? Dunno. I suppose an old fanfic which is badly written which you had let go and you wanna update it but it's, like, um, how can I update this piece of crap? Somehow people still... Continue Reading →

Well now…

So, I found this blog - again - somehow. This is yet another example of how my life epically fails - I can't even keep track of my blogs. I really just need to be more strict with myself and consolidate. CONSOLIDATED! That's the keyword nowadays... (le sigh) Therefore, in the name of professionalism (hahaha)... Continue Reading →

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